Our Core Team David Baker. During his 40 year career in media, David is still an innovator in the art of blending media. With his initial interest in TV broadcasting and “Image Capture”, he is an a central figure re the evolution of using new camera technology and filming techniques to advance the art of story telling. As a content creator, his credits include Writer, Producer and Director on multiple TV series, sport and music productions. As a facility integrator he has developed film & TV studios, TV networks, TV channels, Cable Network Channels, and now Online Channels, from the ground up, over 5 continents and 17 countries. Throughout his career his clients include ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CBC, and CTV. Working with CHUM Television International, in Toronto, David developed Citytv and MuchMusic franchises in South America, Europe, the UK, the Middle East and Scandinavia. David’s digital work began in the early ‘90s. He was the original trademark holder for“The Web”, produced the world’s first live concert to the Internet, (featuring the Bare Naked Ladies) and is now a driving force in the Augmented Reality, 360° world of athlete point-of-view sports. Murray McKercher Murray is the founder, visionary and Managing Director of InfoComm Canada, a project management company that assists corporations and governments with the selection and implementation of mobile communications technologies that enables their employees to perform their work safely and effectively. Murray brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of information and communications technologies with a focus on the mobile Internet. He is an Advisor at the Mobile Institute, which educates, enables and empowers organizations to capture their share of the global marketplace. He is an active supporter of innovative start-ups and connects entrepreneurs with the resources and Networks required to progress their ventures. Murray is on a personal mission to connect with a number of start-ups to help incubate them to gain traction in the tech and financial eco-systems. Murray is a Research Fellow at The Mobile Institute. He works with various accelerator organizations and serves as an Advisor to the students, staff and entrepreneurs at Ryerson University's Digital Media Zone. Murray is also a member of ICANN, (The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) and a global member of the Internet Society. Dan Indrigo With over 25 years in the wireless communications, cable TV and software industries, Dan has experience with all aspects of bringing products and services to market, from initial design through to development, testing and support. Starting in the cellular industry he designed and implemented Network services utilizing text to speech, voice recognition, interactive voice response systems and voice encryption. He was also involved in early work on digital cellular, advanced set top boxes, digital cable TV and wireless data services. In the software industry he worked on the Solaris operating system before switching to Java software for mobile, embedded, desktop and servers. From ARM to ZTE he has assisted many of the worlds major consumer electronics companies in bringing Java to their products. Working closely with sales, marketing and external customers Dan helped to define and refine product requirements to meet customer needs. He has lead product development teams and acted as technical lead for a group of engineers distributed across the US, Europe and Asia. Dan has a breadth of technical knowledge that is ideally suited to the modern wearable market where products require a distributed architecture to provide a rich set of features not possible from a stand-alone device.