August 1, 2017

Eye-LIVE wins as “Top Innovator” for its AR (Augmented Reality), experience at the VivaTech, PMU "Gaming, Sport & Entertainment" Lab in Paris. By EyeLive Media – August 1, 2017 EyeLive is proud to announce that it has won 1st place in PMU’s “New Live Experience” Challenge at VivaTech, in Paris, France. Over 10,000 startups identified by PMU were initially targeted with only 30 companies in 3 categories making it to the finals. EyeLive’s winning theme in the New Live Experiences category was, “It’s a New Game!” The company’s winning pitch highlighted EyeLive’s design for wearable, networked AR technology for jockeys in racehorses plus prototype of the “Cloud Hippodrome”, an online, virtual reality cyber-world of horse racing. EyeLive was a main feature at the event where they demonstrated a live-action, Jockey’s 360° point-of-view, experience in Augmented Reality (AR) with real horses, in real races, in real time.” Recognized as a top innovator by PMU, EyeLive was an invited guest to the Viva Technology event, a showcase that brought together startups and top worldwide investors, companies & tech leaders. As the winner, EyeLive and PMU will now collaborate to develop and implement the “New Game”. PMU believes that; in a connected era, it has to invent new experiences in horse racing to attract a new generation of participants to the sport. PMU has recognized that EyeLive’s 360° POV experience during horse racing is a great opportunity to showcase horse racing as a new game for people who have never been exposed to the sport, yet enjoy online entertainment using mobile devices. According to David Baker, President & CEO of EyeLive, “Our Cloud Hippodrome will be the gateway through which the audience will discover a whole new world of horseplay, fun and entertainment. We couldn’t have a better partner than PMU, and together with our Canadian partner, Woodbine Entertainment, our goal is to transform horse racing into an new online, mobile experience that will attract people of all ages.” Guillaume Dolbeau, Head of Digital Development & Innovation at PMU stated that, “The company is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with EyeLive to develop what will be a truly new format for the horse racing game. Without a doubt this technology will provide thrills and excitement like never before experienced by both new audiences and veterans alike for years to come.” About EyeLive Media EyeLive is focused on the integration of hardware and software solutions to deliver, LIVE, athlete point-of-view sports in the full, 360°, Augmented Reality space. The company’s Body Area Network (BAN), a fully integrated, wearable, media network, combines and transmits audio, video and data generated by cameras and sensors, worn by the athletes. The company’s cloud solution creates a portal through which extreme and amateur athletes become their own broadcasters to connect directly with their friends, fans and audience in a full 360°, sphere - AR, LIVE, during the action. About PMU PMU is the French operator of horserace betting, with a yearly turnover of nearly 10bn € worldwide. With a retail network of 12.800 points of sale, PMU has a dense coverage of the French territory and is the 3rd largest e-commerce site in the country. PMU offers its customers a wide range of betting options, and related services as well as all the necessary information for bettors, 365 days a year. PMU provides 80% of the revenue from the French horse racing industry. In particular, this funding goes into maintaining and modernizing 242 racetracks and training or breeding centres, as well as the provision of prize money and the organization of race. PMU also contributes to the sustainability of over a hundred professions and specialties, such as jockeys, grooms, trainers, farriers, riding instructors, vets, and saddle makers, and other equestrian suppliers. Contact at EyeLive: or Contact for PMU:


March 1, 2017

North American first: Sports fans at the Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup races at Blue Mountain, supported by Mackenzie Investments, and Nikon Canada, watch races via 360° virtual reality.

Fans experience race through the "eyes of the athlete"


COLLINGWOOD, ON, March 3, 2017 /CNW/ - This weekend fans attending the Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup at Blue Mountain in Collingwood will be treated to an innovative and immersive 360°VR experience of Ski Cross competition. Viewers of the Eye-Live VR activation will experience the speed and challenge of the competition from the athlete's point of view - a real game changer for spectators, fans and athletes.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Eye-Live Media will be capturing the course using VR 360* technology on the helmets of Canada Ski Cross' next generation athletes, who are the forerunners for the course. On Saturday and Sunday fans will find the VR Viewing experience in the Mackenzie Investments and Nikon Canada activation zone, located at the foot of the mountain in the Blue Mountain Village.


Eye-live Media is a proud Canadian corporation creating the best 360° VR viewing experience for athletes and fans. Eye-Live was approved by Alpine Canada, Infront and FIS for VR capture on the course.




September 2, 2016

Eye-LIVE Media and Vantrix Partner to Change Sports Content With Live 360 Virtual Reality Captured From The Athlete’s Point Of View

By Eye-LIVE Media and Vantrix Marketing – September 2, 2016


Changing the way sports content is created, distributed, viewed and monetized with a one-stop, multi-channel, multi-screen sports media distribution platform for athletes, their friends, followers and fans.


TORONTO and MONTREAL, Canada – September 2, 2016 – Eye-LIVE Media, in partnership with Vantrix, is designing content capture and delivery mechanisms using 180° and 360° spherical view cameras mounted into sports gear, to enable fully immersive, point-of-view perspectives that are recorded and broadcast live to viewers in Virtual Reality.


Eye-LIVE and Vantrix will be jointly showcasing at IBC2016 in Amsterdam from September 9-13.


“We are pleased to collaborate with Vantrix” says David Baker, CEO of Eye-LIVE Media. “With their sophisticated 360 technology and cloud services, they are the ideal partner for us to create a new paradigm for sports media.”


“We welcome the opportunity to partner with Eye-LIVE”, says Vantrix CEO Jean Mayrand. “Together, we can offer an exciting new way to capture live action from an athlete’s point of view, and deliver that to viewers as an immersive experience”.


Athlete’s Broadcast Network (ABN360)

For amateur and high performance athletes who wish to monetize their performance, Eye-LIVE Media is showcasing a 360° video of an FIS downhill run at the Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzbühel. Content such as this will become an everyday experience as athletes and entertainers discover new ways to produce exciting performances in the VR universe. Our products are unique in that; in addition to VR video, other data from biometric, speed, GPS and other sensors are also visualized into the video stream to offer a full bouquet of fully immersive content that creates a spectacular audience experience that can be viewed live, or on demand.  As an added benefit, the system is ideal for use in the training and coaching of athletes to improve the safety, health and performance of athletes. For people who record their sporting performance in 360, they need somewhere to show it. Eye-LIVE is developing an online platform, an athlete’s broadcast network called ABN360, that will be dedicated to, the “athlete perspective” in HD, 3D and 360° VR & AR action for amateur, high performance and extreme athletes. It all started with a question and a challenge to us from the CEO of Alpine Canada, Canada’s National Ski Team, who asked, “How do we make FIS World Cup downhill skiing more exciting on TV?” Our answer; “You have to be able to cut to the racer’s point-of-view, live, during the action, and focus beyond TV, to the Internet, where new media opportunities such as VR can provide a stunning, second screen experience.”


Vantrix 360

Vantrix 360 is a purpose-built broadcast quality Live VR system enabling immersive experiences from glass to glass. Media generated with Vantrix 360 fundamentally changes the viewing experience, allowing users to independently explore their own field-of-view, creating an immersive “being-there, from-anywhere” sensation. Vantrix cameras deliver distortion-free 360x182 video feeds with low latency, enabling live video feeds in high quality.



The Eye-LIVE and Vantrix combined system includes helmet mounted cameras and wearables, wireless transmission modules, cloud services, and a player for VR headsets, TV and mobile devices.  The combined system offers new ways for broadcasters and sports leagues to capture all the action and deliver immersive content to their audiences.


Contact or for more information.


To see Eye-LIVE and Vantrix in action, come visit Vantrix during IBC2016 in Hall 14, booth J06.


About Eye-LIVE Media

We empower extreme and amateur athletes to become their own broadcasters to; connect directly with their friends, fans and audience using social media, in real time, transmitted directly from their gear, during the action.


About Vantrix

Vantrix is a global leader in next generation video services for transcoding and 360 virtual reality systems. Since 2004, Vantrix products have been deployed in over 75 networks, serving over 1 billion subscribers worldwide.